Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Super Productive Sunday

Wow! I got loads done this weekend :) First of all I started a new scarf, I'm following the 'Alien Illusion' pattern from the Stitch 'N' Bitch book. Love this book, would recommend it to anyone interested in getting into knitting, it teaches you all about needles, wools, techniques and has lots of fun explanations to help you remember things and some cool patterns too. This scarf is really interesting as it uses different areas of bumpiness and smoothness so that you can only see the image of the aliens face from certain angles, I cant wait to see how it turns out! Plus I thought it was going to take me ages but it's actually going pretty quickly.

I also finished the piggy this weekend! He's a bit rough around the edges but that just adds to his adorableness ^_^ I'm wondering now if I can figure out how to make other animals in the same kind of way

Meet Hampton

I also did a bunch of other stuff. Made some more fimo charms, so much happier with the results this time although I made the mistake of buying translucent white instead of regular white so a couple of the things looked wrong after I baked them. Did some more mini cross-stitch for christmas cards as well, really need to get on with finishing all of these now though!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Spoilt Rats

Been having lots of fun and bonding time with the ratties lately (they are crawling round inside my hoodie as I type this!) so thought I'd spruce up their cage a bit. Found these excellent hammock sewing tutorials and made the 'Tunnel hammock'. Was dead easy, probably took less than an hour and that means, shock horror, I finished something! In one sitting not less :D

Looks nice and cosey, if only it was people size! Yuki and Ame seem to like it too, they've both been sat in it already after months of ignoring the one that came with the cage. I also did some rearranging, added a basket full of fabric scraps and got them a new mineral block. Im actually hoping to get a new bigger cage soon and some more rats but this should keep them busy for now!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pig (Not) On Wheels

Is it just me, I never know how to start these posts? :D

Anyway, I've been doing ok on the craft front lately. Not gotten anything major done but been doing a little each day, even if it's only a tiny bit. Although, I did get in a right paddy Saturday evening. I'd bought some black embroidery thread earlier in the week for doing the faces on my felt food and I couldn't find it anywhere or for the life of me remembered where I'd put it! Never did find it either so to cheer myself up I went to Hobby Craft on Sunday, I had forgotten how expensive it was in there >_< Well I managed not to buy TOO much, just a few specific bits and pieces I'd been wanting, plus more black embroidery thread which cost 4 times more than the original lot!

Hobby Craft purchases

The main thing I started this week was a felt piggy from this tutorial/pattern, however I've noticed one thing, he doesn't have a tail! How can you have a pig without a cute little pink curly tail? So I think it might be fun to make him one out of a pipe cleaner. Plus I also plan on using googly eyes instead of the buttons. I've got as far as cutting out all the pieces at the moment.

Actually, maybe it's even harder to think of a way to finish? Let me know if you have any advice on how to do this please ^_^

Friday, 20 November 2009

Waiting Patiently for December

I've been neglecting the blog this week, bad me! So here's an update of what I've been doing :)

Main thing was getting started on making my christmas cards. I've not really done much card making this year, mostly due to the fact that I need to keep all my supplies neatly packed away so by the time I've got them all out and am ready start the mood/inspiration has passed! And then I have to pack them all away again. Anyway, made a good few christmas cards this week, cheated a little bit with card toppers, cute christmas papers and peel offs and some decoupage I had left from a couple of years ago but it's the thought that counts right? Making cards is easy though, it's just choose, cut, stick! Very relaxing and fulfilling.

Also had a quick go with the Fimo, wasn't very happy with the results though. I think it's just because I've seen so many amazing pictures online I get annoyed that I can't make something like that even though it's my first try! I need to learn to not give up so quickly and practice more. I also decided I didn't like the colours I had so will pick up a few more blocks sometime and try again.

Finally I made some flapjack. I got the recipe from the internet, it didn't really turn out like I expected but it's still nice. Was supposed to be sultana and chocolate chip but all the chocolate melted when I mixed in the hot syrup mix, need to remember to leave the choc chips out until last next time!

Really looking forward to December, I plan on doing lots of christmas baking. I've seen the most adorable snowmen cookies that I want to try and would especially love to have a go at making a gingerbread house as I've never done it before! So hurry up and get here December so I can crack out the christmas music and get in the kitchen

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tuesday - Pattern Cutting Day

Well I was away at the weekend so haven't managed to get much done since my last post. I did take my knitting with but didn't make a lot of progress and I also made a cute little felt phone charm when I got back on Sunday evening. Thinking about putting it up for sale on my website but I think it needs something more to it first.

Been browsing through some super cute project pictures lately and really want to make something with my fimo but it will have to wait until tomorrow evening (by which time I'm sure all my inspiration will have disapeered) as tonight is my pattern cutting course. I have been learning how to draught custom pattern pieces based on body measurements, we are currently working on a bodice block which is at the fabric toile stage and now needs checking and adjusting. I've found it really interesting so far but it's a complete pain to get to. For the 2 hour evening course I spend about 3 and half hours travelling on trains and buses! I love learning new things but I think I'll have to find something closer if I'm going to sign up to another course after Christmas.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Never Ending Knitting

I haven't done any knitting in almost a year but last night I actually picked up this baby blanket I'd started forever ago and not touched in almost as long. It just shows how awful I am at getting things done, I started it when I found out I was going to be having another half-sister and she is now over 18 months old!

When it comes to knitting I usually stick to simple things that use nice thick wool on big chunky needles so that it will come together quickly and I actually have a sporting chance at finishing it. But I was bored of knitting simple scarfs and got this pattern from my 'knitting pattern a day' calander that year.

When I started work on it again last night I actually had to look up how to do some of the stitches and jog my memory! It's really cute though, with a kind of lace effect, would be amazing if I could actually finish it but I'm only about a 5th of the way through. I was also getting cramp in my hand and arm because I'm so out of practice! Enjoyed working on it though and got 6 rows done (they're long rows) and am looking forward to hopefully doing some more tonight.


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Is this the start of finishing things?

So all this time I've spent on the internet and I've never written a blog before but here it finally is. Mostly I haven't because I think I'm terrible at writting and have absolutely no idea why anybody would want to read about anything I have to say anyway.

Really I'm starting this for entirely selfish reasons, I'm hoping that if I actually make a record of what I'm working on, so that it's possible for anyone to check up on me whenever they want, it might motivate (or scare) me into getting myself in gear and actually ocassionaly finish some of the far too many projects I start. When I say projects I mean sewing, knitting, any kind of crafting at all really. I also love baking and cooking but those things are kind of impossible not to finish.

It's not that I don't want to finish things, it's just that I have a short attention span and am usually lacking in energy, finding myself sucked in by either the tv or computer instead. If I spent as much time actually doing things as I did thinking about how much I wanted to do them and then scolding myself for not getting round to doing them I would get a lot done!

Hopefully there will be a few people out there who will be interested enough in what I'm up to (or just have way too much free time on their hands) to check up on me and give me the occassional poke. Heres to finishing things and probably starting even more =D