Friday, 27 November 2009

Spoilt Rats

Been having lots of fun and bonding time with the ratties lately (they are crawling round inside my hoodie as I type this!) so thought I'd spruce up their cage a bit. Found these excellent hammock sewing tutorials and made the 'Tunnel hammock'. Was dead easy, probably took less than an hour and that means, shock horror, I finished something! In one sitting not less :D

Looks nice and cosey, if only it was people size! Yuki and Ame seem to like it too, they've both been sat in it already after months of ignoring the one that came with the cage. I also did some rearranging, added a basket full of fabric scraps and got them a new mineral block. Im actually hoping to get a new bigger cage soon and some more rats but this should keep them busy for now!

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