Thursday, 12 November 2009

Never Ending Knitting

I haven't done any knitting in almost a year but last night I actually picked up this baby blanket I'd started forever ago and not touched in almost as long. It just shows how awful I am at getting things done, I started it when I found out I was going to be having another half-sister and she is now over 18 months old!

When it comes to knitting I usually stick to simple things that use nice thick wool on big chunky needles so that it will come together quickly and I actually have a sporting chance at finishing it. But I was bored of knitting simple scarfs and got this pattern from my 'knitting pattern a day' calander that year.

When I started work on it again last night I actually had to look up how to do some of the stitches and jog my memory! It's really cute though, with a kind of lace effect, would be amazing if I could actually finish it but I'm only about a 5th of the way through. I was also getting cramp in my hand and arm because I'm so out of practice! Enjoyed working on it though and got 6 rows done (they're long rows) and am looking forward to hopefully doing some more tonight.


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