Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tuesday - Pattern Cutting Day

Well I was away at the weekend so haven't managed to get much done since my last post. I did take my knitting with but didn't make a lot of progress and I also made a cute little felt phone charm when I got back on Sunday evening. Thinking about putting it up for sale on my website but I think it needs something more to it first.

Been browsing through some super cute project pictures lately and really want to make something with my fimo but it will have to wait until tomorrow evening (by which time I'm sure all my inspiration will have disapeered) as tonight is my pattern cutting course. I have been learning how to draught custom pattern pieces based on body measurements, we are currently working on a bodice block which is at the fabric toile stage and now needs checking and adjusting. I've found it really interesting so far but it's a complete pain to get to. For the 2 hour evening course I spend about 3 and half hours travelling on trains and buses! I love learning new things but I think I'll have to find something closer if I'm going to sign up to another course after Christmas.

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