Saturday, 30 January 2010

Can I Eat It?

Mmmm it looks so yummy but sadly the answer is no, you can wear it though! I made this marshmallow bracelet from fimo, as clay projects go it was pretty straightforward and I got lots of practice wire working (although I realised after that there was a much simpler way I could have made the adjoining wire pieces).

However once put together with the middle bead sections it's actually a bit too big for me. I could take it all apart and start again but to be honest I'm too lazy to do that so will probably just try and sell it instead. I took the photo using my new homemade light tent and I think it really does look much better than some of my previous attempts.

Also had a bit of a panic this week, my camera has been playing up. At one point it seemed to completely stop working, it wouldn't turn on and when I put it in its charging dock none of the lights came on or anything. I was convinced it was completely dead and as much as I'd like a shiney new camera I don't really want to spend any more money at the moment (I've had a pretty frivolous month *blush*). So after a very unhelpful call to Casio I decided to have one more poke at it today and it is now in its dock with the charging light on. Not really sure what I did, think it might be a problem with the memory card but fingers crossed otherwise the blog will be having crummy phone pics for a while!

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