Tuesday, 12 January 2010

First Ever Sugar Cookies

After hours of drooling over gorgeous pictures of cookies from the likes of the Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle and Sweetopia I decided it was about time to have a go myself.

I can't seem to find the recipe I used for the biscuits but there are tons out there on the web. I used the trick of rolling the dough out between two sheets of baking paper and then refridgerating before cutting out the shapes. It's amazing doing it this way as you dont make any mess on the worktop or rolling pin, only need to refridgerate them for about half the time and when you cut out the cookies they keep their shape really well.

Baked Cookies

After they were baked and cooled I left them in an airtight container as I wasn't going to have time to ice them right away. A day or so later I came back to do the icing, helped in huge part by this tutorial from CakeJournal: How to flood cookies with royal icing. I liked the idea about the squeezy bottle for the runny icing but didn't want to spend a lot of money and have to order online and wait for it to be delivered so I just got some cheap sauce bottles which actually worked out great!

So first you have to outline the cookies with a thick icing to create a barrier to hold the flooding in. This took a bit of practice, the first half of mine looked like they had been done by a toddler with the icing wiggling all round the edge of the biscuit! However the more I did the better I got and by the time I got to the end I was chuffed by how professional they (almost) looked :D After leaving that to dry for as long as I could resist (was dying to see how good they looked finished) the final step was flooding. Easier than the outlining but it took a while, I really need to learn to not slouch over the counter so much as my back was killing me by the time I finished.

I only have christmas cookie cutters at the moment but I thought stars, snowmen and pink wellie boots (from the stocking cutter) would still be ok! I love how smart and neat they look. The only bit I couldn't figure out was how do you make the join from the start and end of the outline nice and neat?

Pink to match my own wellies

Will definately be making these again in different shapes and designs and will try to be more adventurous and do some further piping on top of the cookies as well as practicing more to get my outlining looking lovely and smooth. And not only did they look great but they tasted fantastic too!

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