Sunday, 24 January 2010

Shopping, Plans and Traingles

So what have I been working on lately? Nothing major, just a few things but I've been thinking lots about what I'd like to do, particularly for this blog. I wonder if I ought to try and post on a more regular schedule? I'd also like to do some tutorials/videos/recipes of my own and I have a couple of ideas the first of which hopefully I'll get round to this week.

I went to ikea this week and got these cookie cutters. I think they're pretty unusual and should make some really fun biscuits to decorate! I mean how often do you see a hedgehog shaped cookie :3

Nothing special but I thought I'd post it as I think the photo of it turned out nicely, I madeassembled this headband to match one of my Lolita dresses for a meet I went to this the weekend. I just bought a plain headband and then super glued on some cardmaking/scrapbooking embellishments. I also covered my fingers in glue in the process, I knew it was a bad idea when I bough it :D fortunately though I'd done some reading before I started, yay for the knowledge that nail varnish remover (containing acetone) also removes super glue. Also speaking of photography, that's something I'd really like to improve on this year.

I've also made the ratties a new house this week. Following this amazing tutorial for a reversible triangle, I have no idea how she ever figured out how to make this in the first place, it's like magic. There were a few steps where I had to read the instructions several times wondering how on earth this works but then you do it and "ta-da" it all comes together, I love moments like that. It's not quite finished yet, you can probably see from the pins in the picture that the edges of the opening just needs sewing up. The outside is cotton and the inside is a nice snuggly fleece.

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