Thursday, 11 March 2010

Something Different This Week

Sorry cake fans but I've not had any time to bake yet this week, two other things have been keeping me very busy. Firstly I've joined a gym, shock horror! I'm never going to be any good at dieting, I just enjoy cooking/baking and eating too much so I figured I should probably try and do more exercise instead. I know it's only been a week but I'm enjoying it so far, lets see how long I can stick with it! Gyms have some really crazy equipment these days, anyone had a go on a wave machine? It's like a stepper but instead of moving you're legs up and down you have to push them out side to side. Ugggh, it's horrible!

My second distraction has been Final Fantasy XIII. I guess it doesn't come across from this blog so much but I'm actually a massive geek :D Especially when it comes to Final Fantasy, I have been waiting for this game for what seems like forever and it finally arrived yesterday. It's actually had pretty mediocre reviews but personally I'm loving it so far. Sure it's a bit slow to get going and there are a ton of cut scenes but that's because it's all about the epic story and I like the cutscenes, they are absolutely gorgeous.

Never fear though, I haven't been totally uncreative and unproductive!

Tada! A vector art portrait I made of myself. Considering I haven't done much in the way of art for years I'm pretty pleased with this as a first attempt. I keep thinking maybe I should add more detail to it but then maybe that would ruin it?

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