Saturday, 22 October 2011

Nails: Check Mint

I've learned a few things this week. First of all, it pays off to be patient and wait for some natural light to take a photograph. Also, after about 5 years of having this camera I've finally found out that it does have a macro mode, I was just looking in the wrong place for it all this time. And lastly, there is no 'trick' to having neatly painted nails, it's just something I need to practice!

I messed up a little bit on these, I used scotch tape for the design on my ring finger and I didn't realise there was some fluff stuck to the tape residue before I went to put the top coat on. D'oh!

Check Mint

Here's what I used
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails
17 Lasting Fix ~ Mint Choc Chip
W7 ~ Black
Sally Hansen Mega Shine
Konad Plate ~ m56

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