Monday, 12 December 2011

Gingerbread House and Castle

~~ Update ~~ You can see my 2012 gingerbread baking here

Here are my gingerbread creations for 2011! I made the icing too runny again, d'oh! So I couldn't do any nice piping. Maybe I'll finally have learnt my lesson next year.

Gingerbread House

I'm really starting to feel festive now and I have a real craving for mince pies. Hopefully I might have some free time next weekend to do some more baking.

Gingerbread Castle

Do you make your own gingerbread house at christmas? I think a lot of people seem daunted by it but it's not as difficult as you'd think, just quite time consuming. It's so rewarding though, it's definitely worth the effort.

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