Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Nails: Technic Holo

Being on a bit of a tight budget at the moment and not currently owning any holos I was pretty excited when I saw this Technic Holographic polish pop up in my local Bodycare a few weeks ago. I've seen a pretty bad review for it online which I really don't think it deserves. Sure, compared to pictures of other holos I've seen it's not amazing but for the price you do get a nice bit of holo effect, albeit more subtle.


I've done an absolutely terrible job of capturing it in these photos, it is so much better in real life, especially in the sunshine. I actually almost missed my stop on the bus the first morning I was wearing it as the sun was streaming in through the window and I was so mesmerised looking at it! D'oh XD


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  1. OMG, I love holographic polishes.
    This efect is soo beutiful*-*
    Kisses :D

  2. Hey this is a pretty good polish for the price and does look awesome in the sun!

    Nice blog :-)