Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Meet the Kitties

Back in July Me and Mat adopted these two gorgeous girls from Cats Protection. They had been found by someone in a garage, born to a feral mum. When we went to meet them at their foster home they were both so small and timid, Lupercal especially, it took a while before we could even approach her without her hissing at us but we fell in love and decided to take these two home.

Well in no time at all they had settled in and realised that they now had two very dedicated cat slaves to look after them! Now they are both 6 months old and doing great.


This is Lupercal, Loopy for short. As you can see she's good at posing for photos :D a typical aloof cat although she does secretly enjoy a bit of attention, on her terms of course!


And this is Cake, the attention seeking missile. She's just a little fluffy ball of cuddles and loves nothing more than spending an entire evening sat on one of ours laps, especially if it means she can distract us from whatever we're trying to do. Sometimes we think she's actually a dog as she follows us around everywhere!

They can both be little terrors sometimes, Cake loves to chew everything and Lupercal is a climber and a clawer, but we love them both to bits and wouldn't change them for the world <3


  1. They are so gorgeous! Great story glad it's worked out for them, they are lucky.

    We have 3 cats. We went to see one of them when she was a kitten and ended up walking away with the mummy as well. The person we got her from didn't want mummy either :-( But we jumped at the chance and so glad we did! Both mummy and daughter are pure white!

    My other is male Bengal, he's completely and utterly bonkers.

    I'm so glad we decided to get cats, they are the best :-)

    1. They are aren't they! We get so much fun out of just watching them play together and doing silly things.

      Sounds like mummy and kitten were lucky to find you too :)

  2. Oh so cute! I too got two cats from cats protection, brother and sister, putty & sausages (we renamed them lol dont ask!)

    i honestly do not know what i do with out them now! i love cats so much and would house them all if i could :(
    sausages is a little bugger, and putty is so sweet and gentle.

    Congrats on such cute kitty cats! xxx

    Lilac x

    1. Haha, my collective name for Cake and Lupercal is 'the Sausages'

      Thanks ^^