Thursday, 29 November 2012

Nails: Pink Panther

A few months ago I bought my very first indie polishes from Lush Lacquer on Etsy. One of these was Pink Panther ~ pink, white and black matte glitters in a clear base.

Pink Panther Bottles

I've used it in this mani along with W7 Black and e.l.f. Gum Pink

Pink Panther

Sadly I've actually lost my little Pink Panther bottle since taking these pictures. I made the mistake of leaving it downstairs unsupervised and I guess it looked like a fun thing to play with for the cats! Spent ages looking for it under sofas, kitchen appliances and other furniture but no luck :( We did however find the bathroom sink plug under one sofa which had gone missing the week before, little devils!! Keeping my fingers crossed still that it will turn up unexpectedly one day, lesson learnt though at least, no more polishes left downstairs!


  1. That looks really good on top of the black! Hope it turns up soon. The studs on the pink are cool too :-)

    Things go missing all the time in our house but they do turn up weeks, months, years later! It'll be in your house somewhere. Mine don't seem too interested in polish. One is obsessed with straws!!!

    I've never bought an indie polish yet, I think if I get into it, it'll be a slippery slope for me!

    1. Our two are obsessed with plastic bottle caps, especially the ones off milk bottles, we found absolutely tonnes of them under the furniture as that's where they all end up.

      Yes that's the problem, after buying this one and 3 other minis from Lush Lacquer I've since bought 2 full size ones from Hare Polish and yesterday bought a full set of 8 minis from Pretty & Polished. It's dangerous once you get started!

  2. I have and love Pink Panther!

    Great mani.

    Fingers crossed for you finding it soon.