Thursday, 31 January 2013

BMO Is No Robot

Mixing indie brands here, is that allowed?! Well I think they're a great match. I've used Pretty & Polished - BMO Me Up for the base colour and have Glitzology - Robots In Love on my accent nail.

BMO is no robot

It's really hard to capture the true beauty of these two. BMO Me Up has some incredibly subtle red and blue shimmer and Robots In Love is just packed full of holotastic glitters of all shapes and sizes including stars, diamonds and hearts.

BMO is no robot - blur

Glitzology are actually the newest addition to my indie collection and I have to say I haven't seen any photos that really convey how amazing these polishes look in real life. I have 4 shades from them and they are all soooo sparkly, they really live up to their name.


  1. Your making me regret not getting 'robots in love' !!!

    1. It's so so sparkly in real life, it kept catching my eye and distracting me while I was typing at work today

  2. oh wow, Robots in love with the holographic pieces is amazing! Think it's one of the nicest polishes I have seen :)
    Angela x

    Started following you on GFC, hope you can check my blog out too Beccy.