Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Swatch: Nails Inc ~ Gatwick

Gatwick from Nails Inc is a classic red shade with a matte twist. This isn't something I'd normally buy as I dont really see the point of specific matte polishes when I have a matte top coat. I was happy to have the oppertunity to try a matte finish from a different brand though.

Nails Inc Gatwick Swatch

I have one coat on my nails here. This is after a days wear and you can see there's already some tip wear and chipping on my index finger. It was also pretty messy to get off, red everywhere!

Nails Inc Gatwick

Despite the negatives I still like this polish, it's a great shade.


  1. very unique kind of red, never seen anything like that, quite joyfull

  2. Looks pretty! though like you I'd not usually buy matte polishes as I have a topcoat. REALLY hate how some of the polishes stain. Nails Inc St James dyed my nails red for weeks :( x