Sunday, 14 July 2013

Swatch: Iconic Effect ~ Princess Drops

Guess what?! Finally we have indie polish makers popping up in the UK! *Fist pump*! One of these being Iconic Effect. I recently bought this polish, Princess Drops, and another, Pea Soup, from their first collection. Princess Drops actually sold out (2 days before I got paid, I was waiting to order!) but the girls from Iconic Effect were so lovely and helpful and told me if I ordered the other polish I wanted the would sort out Princess Drops for me the week after when they received more supplies ♥

Iconic Effect - PrincessDrops

On to the polish! Princess drops is a pretty pastel glitter polish in a clear base with a mixture of hearts, stars and flowers, slightly smaller diamonds, hexagons and tiny flecks. There's so much going on in here! The formula is fairly thin but I found this really helped me to get the big pieces positioned nicely. I've got one coat of the glitter on here and didn't require too much fishing or fiddling around.

Princess Drops - Bottle

For some reason I went a bit mad decided to put it over this horrible yellow I got in a set from H&M. I think it worked pretty nicely though and looks really summery.

Princess Drops - Close Up

And finally a close up of the bottle, such a pretty combination of colours.

There are only a couple of colours left in Iconic Effects etsy shop but they are currently planning there next collection so follow them on facebook for news and sneak peaks!


  1. It is a gorgeous glitter! I'd not have thought about putting it over a yellow but it actually looks fab :) xx

  2. HUUUUUUU I found your blaaaggghhh!
    And OH my GLOB all that GLITTER I cannot live without it I NEED IT IN MY LIFE aaaaa STARS and hearts and SPARKLES *o*

    Ok, yeah, super cool bro. I like how you made it all summery. Yeah. Cool.

    [aaaaaaaaa!!!! the closeup of the bottle! I would just press my face against it all day long *o*]

  3. Wow! Very anusual and beautiful color

  4. Wow Beccy!
    it has been a while, how are you? I'll be in the UK in a week, if you want to mail me we can try and arrange something..
    this is amazing! I loooove this shade of yellow, it looks stunning, and you choose just the perfect topper to it, they look amazingly together and it is so playful and fun!
    How's you?

    1. Ahh I'm good thanks, life is crazy busy at the moment! Is it just Scotland that you're going to? Drop me an email or something :)